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Watercolor course for Beginners

This course includes 4 lessons (2 hours each, once per week). It lasts for 4 weeks in total, starting in June. We will decide the day and time of the classes together. The maximum number of participants is 6, so we can explain things in depth and work in a pace that is good for everyone.

A course for beginner to intermediate painters

The purpose of this course is to understand the fundamentals of watercolor painting, explore creative ways to express your ideas on paper and have fun while painting!

Download the course curriculum here.

Course description_June.jpg

About the course:

In the course you will:

1. Get familiar with basic watercolor materials and equipment.

2. Learn watercolor painting techniques.

3. Learn how to plan and create your own painting.

4. Collaborate and learn from one another!


All art supplies will be provided. The course includes notes and guides.


The price for the course is 35€. The amount can be paid in full after the first class.

Download the course curriculum here.

Do you want to start your painting journey?

Join the course and let's have fun painting together!

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